We’re a Disability Confident Employer

What is the Disability Confident Employer status?

Awarded as part of a Government scheme, the Level 2: Disability Confident Employer status means we:

  • actively look to attract and recruit disabled people.
  • identify and address any barriers that may prevent or deter disabled people from applying for jobs, including where we advertise, the words we use and how people can apply.
  • make sure online or offline processes are fully accessible.
  • ensure our employees have appropriate disability equality awareness.
  • provide an environment that is inclusive and accessible for staff, clients and customers.
  • support employees to manage their disabilities or health conditions.
  • ensure there are no barriers to the development and progression of disabled staff.


What does it mean for you?

Our status as Disability Confident Employer means that if you have a disability of any kind, you know you will be treated equally and fairly within our organisation – from applying for jobs through to working with our teams.

We are now actively working towards Level 3: Disability Confident Leader… watch this space!