How we are managed

Bristol Community Health has been set up so that the people who are directly involved in care – staff – have a direct say in the way that our organisation is  run. In addition, we use patient feedback to shape our service in a more informal way.

 Our employee-owned status

Bristol Community Health is owned by its staff. 97% of staff are shareholders, and all new staff automatically become shareholders after successful completion of a six month probation period. This gives staff a stake – and therefore a real say – in our organisation.

Our Staff Council

Employee shareholders are represented by an elected Staff Council who are responsible for ensuring the views of staff genuinely influence how our business is run.  The Chair of the Staff Council is also a voting Non-Executive Board member.

Along with representing the views of employee shareholders, the Staff Council has the power to select and appoint Non-Executive Directors, to review the performance of the chairman and Non-Executive Directors, and to provide input into the vision, values and strategy of Bristol Community Health.

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors (see below) oversees the day-to-day running of the organisation and is accountable to employee shareholders. The Board has a range of clinical, operational and business expertise.

Bristol Community Health –  Executive Directors

Julia Clarke, Chief Executive Officer

Jo Makinson Finance DirectorJo Makinson, Deputy Chief Executive and Finance Director

Michele narey_large








Michele Narey, Director of New Business and Service Transformation

aileen fraser_large

Aileen Fraser, Clinical Director

Penny Phillpotts

Penny Phillpotts, HR Director

Bristol Community Health — Non-Executive Directors

stephen hughes_;large

Steve Hughes, Chair and Non-Executive Director



Rhona Macdonald, Senior Independent Non-Executive Director


Julie Dovey, Clinical Non-Executive Director

Sumita Hutchison, Non-Executive Director

Neil Stevens, Non-Executive Director

Georgie Davin

Staff Council Chair and Non-Executive Director