Our vision, mission and values


Our vision, mission and values show how we are committed to making a real long-term difference to our communities across Bristol and beyond.

Our vision is for all of our communities to lead healthier, better lives.

Our mission is to provide person-centred patient care, through:

  • Quality services
  • Sustainable business
  • Partnership with the community
  • Engaging our staff owners

Our core purpose is to improve lives through outstanding moments of care. 

Our values are:

Making their day:

Touching Lives – we aim to make a positive impact in our communities, in both big and small ways. This could be by helping a patient to care for themselves, by giving support and encouragement to a carer or by providing really good customer service to a busy clinician.  What matters is that we aim always to have a positive impact on the health, happiness and well being of the people we meet.

Partnership – we recognise that we are part of the community and by building networks and working closely with many different people, organisations and groups we have a much bigger impact than we could ever have on our own.

Time to care: 

One Team – we are one team, working together across many different services towards shared goals. Our one team ethos means we work hard to achieve teamwork and communication within and between our teams. We work to break down organisational, service and functional barriers which could stop us doing a great job for local people.

Innovation – we welcome innovation which leads to better care. Being a social enterprise means we can do things differently, make  decisions more quickly, focusing on solutions not problems and therefore creating more ‘time to care’.  We challenge the accepted norm where we think we can do things better  and we value innovation in all things, whether that is leading edge technology, different ways of working or terms and conditions which reflect what really matters to our staff today.

Managing our money: 

Sustainability –  our mission is to always be here for local people, helping them to live life well.  To do that, we must be sustainable.  This means having the budgets, people, plans, relationships and vision to endure.  This means we have a collective responsibility for efficiency, savings, and delivering change which works over the longer term.

Invest Wisely – our resources are precious and we are careful how we use them. This means reviewing how we spend our time, operating for the benefit of local people and the local environment by reinvesting our profits into the community and supporting projects which use our resources innovatively to create more time to care.

Being the best: 

Aim High – as an organisation and as individuals we aim high. We have high expectations and we aim to do a really great job.  This means we are committed to learning and development, we take responsibility for our own performance, we give and invite feedback from each other, our patients and our partners, we welcome supervision and support from our colleagues and managers and we aim to be the best we can be.

Learning – we believe in openness, honesty and continuous improvement.  Constructive feedback, the acknowledgement of success and confidence in raising concerns are the basis of our commitment to learn from what we do and do the best job for local people that we possibly can.