Our vision, mission and guiding principles

Our vision, mission and guiding principles show how we are committed to making a real long-term difference to our communities across Bristol and beyond.

Our vision is: a better quality of life. Today, tomorrow – always.

Our mission is:

  • Happier and healthier staff
  • Happier and healthier patients
  • Happier and healthier communities

Our Guiding Principles are:


Give your best, share your strengths, make life better.

We know that our staff always want to give their best. Our staff are generous with their time, their knowledge and skills, and their care
for colleagues, patients, families and the community. We have a gift, let’s share it. Let’s be more and do more in the challenging and changing society where we’re trusted to deliver.


Own what you do, take responsibility and give it to others, reach your potential.

With trust comes responsibility. We take ownership individually and collectively – not just to deliver today, but to be the best we can be in a different tomorrow. We also give responsibility and trust staff to deliver on their commitments.


One inclusive team united behind our shared passion for a better quality of life.

We are different and special, we are admired, we are united in our passion and purpose. Let’s build on our positive and caring team, delivering strong services around the patient as part of an inclusive culture. Let’s celebrate what brings us together every day, the great work we do, and what that means for us individually, for our patients, their families and the wider community.


Focus on what makes the difference, have the courage and determination to see it through. Strive for a better tomorrow.

What we do takes conviction. If it was easy everyone would do it. It’s a challenge every day, but one we’re up for. To succeed we need to prioritise, to focus on what’s important now and what needs to be better tomorrow than it is today – and have the courage and resilience to make those improvements happen, whatever they might be.