Adverse weather conditions: information for patients and clinicians

1 Mar 2018 Nicola Rodgers

Inclement weather conditions are currently causing disruption across Bristol, with weather expected to deteriorate over the coming days.

Appointments at clinics and health centres

If you have an appointment at a clinic or health centre, you should assume that it is going ahead as planned unless you’ve been advised otherwise.

If you feel it is unsafe for you to attend the clinic yourself, don’t put yourself at undue risk – please contact us at the earliest opportunity to let us know you can no longer attend.

Home visits

Due to the current weather conditions and the availability of our staff, we are prioritising visits to patients who require critical, clinical care, such as an insulin injection, end of life care, syringe pump and urgent call outs.

Other planned care may need to be rescheduled and we will contact you by telephone to arrange this.

We are constantly reviewing our position in light of the changing weather. The forecast between now and Monday suggests there will be very challenging conditions, with a red weather alert likely. Our priority will be the safety of patients who require critical visits, and that of our staff.

Other services

Due to the adverse weather conditions, Bristol Care Co-ordination Centre is currently restricted in its capacity to receive referrals for Palliative Care Home Support and Marie Curie. This is likely to continue across 2 and 3 March. Any urgent referrals should be made through SPA at this time.

Fast Track referrals can be sent via the email address today. Any faxes will not be picked up until Monday 5 March.

Getting in touch via SPA

To allow us to keep lines open for urgent calls and referrals, please refrain from calling the Single Point of Access (SPA) line for routine enquires during this time of inclement weather.

If you do need to contact us urgently, please be aware that there may be some delay answering due to the volume of calls we are currently experiencing. Thanks for your understanding.

Can you help our teams?

We’re looking for volunteers who have 4×4 vehicles equipped for snow and ice to help our staff get to and from appointments/visits, or volunteers who are willing to drive a hired 4×4.

The trips will be in the Bristol area and fuel expenses will be covered.

Interested? Please email stating where you’re based, which areas you’d be able to cover and a contact number.