Day in the Life of an Advanced Clinical Practitioner

3 Jul 2018 Jenny.lamb

Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin, Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP)

My role as an ACP involves leading my team in all clinical aspects of patient care. This includes completing senior reviews of complex or acutely unwell patients, providing on-call support to all staff and up-skilling staff through clinical supervision, competencies and training.

In order to be successful in my role, I have had to develop my skills as a physiotherapist to take a more integrated approach.

Starting the day
I arrive at work at 07:30. I catch up with the team co-ordinator, talk through the patient caseload and identify any potentially unwell patients that would benefit from my assessment. I also review the visit allocation to ensure the team are maximising their capacity.

The morning
I visit a patient who is acutely unwell and at high risk of Acute Kidney Injury. I review the patient’s National Early Warning Score (NEWS) and Sepsis score. I then complete a full clinical examination of each system of the body.  I review the patient’s medications and temporarily stop some that are having a negative impact. I also prescribe some antibiotics that are required urgently. I take bloods and send them directly to the lab for me to review later in the day. I agree a treatment and visit plan with the patient and the Rapid Response team with the aim of avoiding a hospital admission.

At 11:30 I sit in on the team handover. We discuss any changes to the condition of the patients and make sure appropriate plans are in place.

The afternoon
A patient on the caseload requires IV antibiotic administration. I am in training to complete my competencies so I visit with another staff member and practice the administration of the IV. I’m gradually getting the hang of it!

A new referral comes in from our REACT (Rapid Assessment Emergency Care Team), based in the Bristol Royal Infirmary, to facilitate the discharge of a patient who has had unstable blood sugars. I meet the patient at home and review their clinical observations and blood glucose levels. I ensure that they understand their new insulin regime and then I complete a home environment assessment and put a management plan in place.

I spend the rest of the afternoon writing up my clinical notes, supporting the team with clinical queries, reviewing the progress of the patients on the caseload and catching up on emails.

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To support the care of acutely unwell patients at home with the aim of avoiding unnecessary hospital admission.

For more information about our REACT and Rapid Response teams see our Urgent Care Service page