Draft Quality Account 2017/18 – please give us your feedback

18 May 2017 Amyholgate

Please give us your views on our draft Quality Account 2017/18

As part of the process of producing our annual Quality Account, we are currently gathering views of patients, carers and the public on the document, which is in draft format. This consultation period is open for 30 days and finishes on 17 June 2017. You can view the draft document here.

How to give feedback

Please either complete this survey to help guide your feedback, or email your comments Amy Holgate on briscomhealth.comms@nhs.net

Please note that this is a draft document, so there may be some small typographical or grammatical errors in places – these will be corrected in the final version and there is no need to give us feedback at this level of detail. The final document will also be designed, re-formatted and photographs added.

What happens to your comments

All of your comments will be considered and summarised within the final document. There may also be opportunities for some comments to lead to amends being made – and some may shape next year’s document. Any feedback you can offer enables us to improve.

The account will be published at the end of June on our website, the NHS Choices website and copies will be available on request from our Marketing and Communications Team.