Employee Ownership Day

30 Jun 2017 Max Hickling


It’s national Employee Ownership Day today (30 June) and we are delighted to announce that 97% of our eligible staff are now shareholders. This is a huge increase from earlier in the year when around half were shareholders.

 Staff who are shareholders are able to have a direct influence on how Bristol Community Health is run.

 “This very high percentage of employee ownership shows that our staff really care about our organisation and want to have a say in its future,” said Julia Clarke, Bristol Community Health CEO.

 “One of the great things about staff ownership is that, together, we create the social enterprise we want to work for – delivering outstanding care for local patients, providing rewarding employment for staff, and investing in our communities.”

 Bristol Community Health is the largest employee-owned healthcare organisation in the UK – and the 13th largest employee-owned organisation amongst all sectors within the UK.

 Staff from across Bristol Community Health are celebrating Employee Ownership Day by posting comments and photos on social media about what it means to them to be a staff-owned social enterprise. #EODay