Understanding local ethnic groups

9 Jan 2019 Amyholgate

Getting to know the communities of Bristol

Our teams went on a roadtrip around Bristol at the end of 2018 to understand the diverse needs of people from local ethnic groups. Staff visited a mosque, Hindu temple, Sikh gurdwara and found out about other local communities. The event was organised by Stand Against Racism & Inequality (SARI).

“It really opened my eyes to the importance of not thinking about ‘patients’ as a single group but instead better understanding their lives, beliefs and needs,” said Anna Langdon, from Bristol Community Health’s HR team. “A highlight was hearing from a representative of the traveller community who gave the most heartfelt and – at times – brutal insight into her background. I felt truly privileged.”

Find out more about our work on equality and diversity here.

Hindu temple
The Hindu temple at Easton