Everyone’s a winner– we sponsor Brislington Under 12s Girls Football Team

16 Dec 2015 Charlotte.titheridge

Brislington Under 12s Girls Football Team have benefited from a brand new football kit this autumn – thanks to the combined effort of our staff team.

Every year, we encourage staff to feedback on their employee experiences through our staff survey. We then use the results from the survey to improve our organisation and make it a great place to

A member of the team in her new kit
A member of the team in her new kit

This year, we wanted to motivate more staff than ever before to fill in the survey, and were keen to beat our 2014 rate of 67% staff completion. So, we pledged to sponsor two youth football teams – but only if more staff completed the survey than the year before.

Our staff team rose to the challenge and 71% filled in the survey. We kept our promise and over the summer, Brislington Under 12s Girls Football Team took receipt of a brand new shiny kit – complete with our logo on our front. As you can see from the photos, the players are thrilled with their new kit.

They’ve now started playing in leagues and have made an impressive start with a win under their belts already, despite being relatively new to the game. And all thanks to the efforts of our brilliant staff!

We’ve recently chosen an inner city Bristol school which also requires sponsorship, and so we will be working with them over the next few months to produce their kit too – watch this space for news. Through these sponsorship packages, we want to
encourage local children to take a lifelong interest in sport, with the aim of supporting their long term health. This work also
contributes towards our strategic vision – to improve health and well-being across communities in Bristol and beyond. Last but
not least, it’s encouraged more staff than ever before to feedback to us – a win-win situation for everyone!