The inspirational story of a heart failure patient

September 11, 2014 Written by Nadia Tavana

After being diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, Angela Anstey was already facing weeks of intensive hospital therapy, including chemotherapy. Within weeks, complications were found, and after some tests, Angela was diagnosed with heart failure.

“I was already very ill, and to face the diagnosis of heart failure on top of the cancer was devastating,” said Angela. “It felt like information overload when I was sent home from hospital to make sense of it all.”

Angela was immediately referred to our Heart Failure Service, where she made contact with service lead Bev Mumford. From then on, Bev worked with Angela to help support her through what was a scary time for Angela and her family. “Bev gave me back my confidence,” said Angela, who is now recovering from breast cancer and managing her heart condition from home with the support of our telehealth service. “She helped me understand the symptoms, and my panic was over.”

“Bev gave me back my confidence.”

Our Heart Failure Service, like many of our specialist services, helps to support patients with conditions that may affect them for a long period of time. For Angela, Bev has been a lifeline, and enabled her to make the most of everyday. In turn, our patients are cause for celebration every day and are the reason we are so passionate about the care we provide – Bev has even commented that, “Angela is the most inspirational patient I have ever met.”