‘Our People, Our Communities’: North Somerset Community Partnership and Bristol Community Health launch joint engagement strategy

25 Jun 2019 Nicola Rodgers

Today marks the publication of a new, joint five-year strategy between North Somerset Community Partnership and Bristol Community Health.

Shaped with the input of over 120 local people and organisations, ‘Our People, Our Communities: Strategy 2019-2024’ focuses on five key areas:

  • Understanding and improving the experience of people
  • Engaging and involving staff, the people we support and our communities
  • Removing the barriers that hold people back
  • Advancing equality to be a truly inclusive provider
  • Creating lasting social impact in our communities

Planned activity to support these aims includes an increased focus on social prescribing and peer support models, greater volunteering opportunities, and improved feedback mechanisms. Internally, there are ambitions to create a more accessible and inclusive environment for staff.

The joint strategy reflects the coming together of the two organisations later this year, with partnership and collaborative working a key theme throughout – across health, social care and the wider voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector.

Matthew Areskog, Head of People and Communities at Bristol Community Health, said: “The strategy has been very much led by our communities – this includes both the people we support and the people who work for us. As we put an increasing focus on bringing together the medical and social model of health, the lived experience they offer as users or providers of our services is essential.

“Among the ideas they put forward were things like keeping people active and supporting them to be better connected to local activities.

“We are already seeing some of these exciting initiatives come to fruition – for example, through Bristol Community Health’s diabetes peer support programme with Brigstowe, the expansion of our Community Navigator service for people with a learning disability, and North Somerset Community Partnership’s ‘Parkinson’s Warriors’ group.”

Mary Lewis, Director of Nursing and Therapies at North Somerset Community Partnership, said:  “Quality is at the heart of everything we do, and a key way we maintain the quality of our care and strive to improve further is through learning. Each and every experience of our care is an opportunity for us to listen to our patients and we use this feedback to enhance our services.”

Georgina Davin, Physiotherapist and Chair of Bristol Community Health’s Staff Council, said: “The potential of this strategy is very exciting – who better to design and plan services together than those delivering and accessing them, as only they can say what matters to them.”

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Click here to read ‘Our People, Our Communities’.

We’ll provide regular updates on our progress, as we deliver the strategy alongside the people we support and our staff. To find out more or to get involved, please contact:

North Somerset Community Partnership

Bristol Community Health