Patient thanks our Rapid Response Team

August 10, 2015 Written by Nadia Tavana

Following a diagnosis of Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) in her back and an emergency visit to Bristol Royal Infirmary, Claire Chard was referred to Bristol Community Health’s Rapid Response Team earlier this year.

The 45 year old Bristol mum said that the support she received from the team was crucial to her wellbeing during a stressful and difficult time.

“I was diagnosed with DDD in 2014. I have always been such an active, busy person, but the condition has sometimes left me helpless,” she said. “There are times when I can’t walk properly or even wash myself. The Rapid Response Nurses have been amazing. They’ve prescribed pain relief and given me lots of equipment to enable me
to get around the house and look after myself. It means I don’t have to go to hospital – I can be with my family at home.”

“There are times when I can’t walk properly or even wash myself. The Rapid Response Nurses have been amazing.”

Advanced Nurse Practitioner Karen Crane explain’s more about the role of our team: “The purpose of the Rapid Response Team is to prevent hospital admissions. We are highly skilled nurse practitioners who visit patients at high risk of an admission at home. “Once there, we assess them and ensure they have the right care and medicines to keep them well at home for as long as possible. We offer follow up visits as necessary until we’re sure that the patient is better and able to get about. Our service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and patients can access us through a GP phone referral.

“I love my job because I feel that my work really makes a difference to the lives of patients,” she added. “Medical evidence shows that once a person is admitted to hospital the outcome can sometimes be worse than if they were treated at home. And let’s face it – it’s much nicer being at home than in hospital. That’s why our team exists – to help
people to get better soon, in their own home, surrounded by their loved ones.”