Our pledge to the Bristol community

January 15, 2015 Written by Nadia Tavana

We have published our first  Community Pledge. The pledge sets out five promises that Bristol Community Health is making to the people of Bristol, in relation to the social value our work creates.

Social value is a way of maximising the impact of public resources. It involves looking at the collective benefits a community can enjoy when public money is spent, on top of the direct value of the contract.  As a social enterprise, and an NHS provider, Bristol Community Health contributes significant social value in the local Bristol area, on top of the direct value provided through our healthcare.

Many of our patients are older people or have long term conditions. They may find it difficult to leave their homes and this results in isolation and loneliness. Our staff visit regularly to provide healthcare, friendly human contact, care and compassion, as well as introducing patients to sources of support from a wide range of voluntary sector organisations. Our own volunteers work alongside healthcare professionals to provide additional support to patients.

If someone has a period of poor health or a hospital admission, Bristol Community Health’s Intermediate Care and Reablement team works in partnership with Bristol City Council to help them regain as much independence as possible, returning them home as soon as possible and minimising the risk of a further admission. We can also avoid the need for a spell in hospital by putting in place an alternative service to care for someone at home.

Our new Community Pledge sets out our step by step ambition to improve work in this area over the next few years through five key promises:

  • To tackle health inequalities: through accessible services, health promotion and advice, as well as supported self-care.
  • To support the wellbeing of the community: through promoting the wellbeing of patients and staff, contributing to the wellbeing of our community, and making a bigger impact through partnerships.
  • To engage with and involve our community: through communication, feedback and openness, through opening up opportunities to work with us, and making a bigger impact through participation and collaboration.
  • To re-invest in our community: through reinvesting and supporting local suppliers and charities, offering time and expertise to the community, and making a bigger impact through partnering or subcontracting.
  • To contribute to environmental sustainability: through staff cycling and recycling, through green transport alternatives, and through making a bigger difference through mobile working.

To read our Community Pledge, click here. To keep up to date with the latest developments within our five pledges, click here