We’ve Signed up to Safety

6 Aug 2015 Sam Brown

As an organisation we are committed to improving our patients’ care, so much so that we have joined the NHS-led initiative called Sign up to Safety.

Signing up to this pledge will help all parts of the NHS to improve patient safety, with the aim of reducing avoidable harm by 50% across the country.

Healthcare can be high risk and mistakes can happen. If something does go wrong, we feel it’s important that we are able discuss safety openly and honestly with patients, carers and colleagues.

We encourage you to feed back your experiences – good and bad – as it enables us to monitor how safe our services are and improve them.

You can talk to the person providing your care in the first instance, as they will do everything they can to make it right.

Our nurses are also part of a Nursing Times campaign called Speak out Safely, which encourages a transparent and honest culture, where staff can raise the alarm if they spot poor practice.

If you need extra help, our Patient Services Manager can be contacted.

Patient Services Manager
Bristol Community Health
South Plaza, Marlborough Street
Bristol, BS1 3NX

Tel. 0117 900 2540
Fax: 0117 900 2587

For more information on the Sign up to Safety initiative visit NHS England