Primary school children’s flu vaccinations 2018

3 Sep 2018 Jenny.lamb

North Somerset Community Partnership (NSCP) has been awarded the contract to provide flu immunisations to school aged children across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. NSCP will be the lead provider supported by sub-contractors Bristol Community Heath and Sirona care & health.

Since September 2015 the children’s flu vaccine has been offered as a yearly nasal spray free to eligible children. From June 2018 NSCP, Bristol Community Health and Sirona care & health will provide the vaccination at schools.

NSCP already provide the children’s flu vaccine at schools in North Somerset and last year achieved an uptake rate of 70% – the highest recorded in the South West.

This year, the vaccination programme will include Reception Year through to Year 5 children.

The vaccination is free and recommended for young children, and will be given by a quick and simple spray up the nose.

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