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4 Jul 2018 Amyholgate

Our final Quality Account for 2018/19 is now available to view here: Quality Account 2018/19. 

What is the Quality Account?

The Quality Account is an annual document that the Department of Health and Social Care requires from healthcare providers. It reports on quality of care under three key elements: patient safety, patient experience and clinical effectiveness. We outline our quality improvement initiatives for the year ahead, and reflect on those from the past year. It’s produced in collaboration with the public and local partners.

Foreword from this year’s Quality Account

“Welcome to our this year’s Quality Account. It is a comprehensive and honest summary of our work over the past year – it highlights areas where we have excelled and also those we want to improve. It also outlines our priorities for next year.

As the biggest provider of local community health services, we hope you will see evidence of ways we help families thrive in their own homes and empower them to make the most of the community on their doorstep. You will also see how we support our local hospitals, GPs and social care organisations by proactive interventions in the community, getting patients home from hospital sooner and preventing admissions in the first place.

None of this is possible without working closely with local partners and challenging ourselves to think creatively about better ways of doing things.

For example, our Diabetic Eye Screening team is working closely with local GP practices and other healthcare providers to target hard-to-reach communities in Bristol. They’re now screening significantly more people with diabetes than ever before.

We’ve been partnering with social care teams to devise a new tool to help carers identify the early warning signs of pressure ulcers, which currently cost the NHS more than £3.8 million every day to treat and cause avoidable suffering to patients. We’re sharing expertise within teams too: specialist wound care nurses are now spending time in our community nursing teams as wound care ‘buddies’. Earlier specialist intervention means quicker healing.

We are also setting our sights on becoming local leaders in research in community healthcare so we are at the forefront of new treatments and technology. So we have become the first ever community organisation to join the Clinical Research Network Site Initiative, which will give us expertise and support to take the lead.

Another priority will be continuing our work on service improvements to make sure that our teams have more time to care for our patients. We’ve already reorganised our community nursing teams to enhance the patient experience and continuity of care.

This is just a taste – you can read all about what we’ve been doing over the past year along with plans for the future in this Quality Account. At a time when the health sector is under well-publicised pressure, we’re committed to keeping our focus on what’s most important: working with patients, the public and our staff for a better quality of life for everyone and high-quality, safe care.”

Julia Clarke, Chief Executive
Steve Hughes, Chair of the Board

View this year’s Quality Account 2018/19