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1 Jul 2019 Amyholgate

Our final Quality Account for 2018/19 is now available to view here: Quality Account 2019.

What is the Quality Account?

The Quality Account is an annual document that the Department of Health and Social Care requires from healthcare providers. It reports on quality of care under three key elements: patient safety, patient experience and clinical effectiveness. We outline our quality improvement initiatives for the year ahead, and reflect on those from the past year. It’s produced in collaboration with the public and local partners.

Foreword from the 2019 Quality Account

Welcome to the 2019 Quality Account, which brings to life the work we’ve done over the past year and outlines what we’ve got planned for the next.

You’ll hear from people like Salma, who turned her physical and mental health around by working with our teams to take control of her health (page 16). And Terry, who is profoundly deaf and faced real barriers which stopped him getting the care he needed – he challenged us to open up our services so they were more accessible for everyone (page 15). You’ll also find out first-hand what it’s really like to be supported by our safeguarding process, and the importance of being respected (page 17). There are many other stories which illustrate our commitment to listening to and taking action from patient experience.

We have never been afraid to learn and improve. I was so proud to hear that we gathered 1,400 survey responses last year from offenders in prison about the healthcare they receive, which gives us priceless insight into how to develop our care in a really challenging environment. Our specialists have also been working closely with children to gather their thoughts on the service they receive. And when we need to make a change, we take action decisively – read all about the tireless work our teams at the Urgent Care Centre have been doing following patient feedback on page 23.

We are dedicated to listening and responding to our staff, too. Through surveys we know that staff feel that they can escalate issues, take pride in the care they provide, and feel that teams are collaborative and helpful. But we also know they are concerned about capacity and feel that there has been an uncomfortably high rate of change. Find out how we’ve tackled these issues and more on page 29.

This clear vision of what matters to the public, patients and our staff has helped us develop a set of priorities for next year that we know will meet the needs of our local community. We’ll be facilitating more wellbeing and social support opportunities; continuing our innovative work on pressure injuries prevention; improving access for people with learning disabilities through dedicated ‘care coordinators’; and much more (page 55). It’s so important to us that our work in these areas will have a measurable, meaningful impact on people’s experiences and outcomes in the here and now – that’s what drives us.

Enjoy the read. If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you on

Julia Clarke, Chief Executive
Steve, Chair of the Board