Keeping patients out of hospital: Rapid and REACT

9 Jan 2019 Amyholgate

Find out more about the staff working together to treat people at home rather than in hospital

“We’re a colourful mixture of disciplines, including nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, support workers, mental health nurses and more. Our two teams are known as Rapid and REACT. We’re the only teams in Bristol doing what we do.

Some of us (Rapid) visit people in their homes if they are at risk of being taken to hospital – they’re often referred to us by GPs or ambulance crews. The aim is to treat people at home because we know that’s better for their health and wellbeing. It also makes sure hospital is only used by people who really need to be there.

The other part of the service (REACT) is based in A&E at Bristol Royal Infirmary and Southmead hospitals. That team works closely with emergency staff there to help get people safely home after a
trip to A&E, rather than get admitted to hospital.

We’re a practical bunch and enjoy problem-solving using all our combined skills. We work closely with other local services, like social care, to keep patients safe and well in their own homes.

We have advanced skills to handle complicated cases: we can give antibiotics via a drip, prescribe medicines and change dressings. We also put things in place to help people dress themselves or make meals independently, and can arrange things like walking frames, commodes, stair-rails and more.

We provide a 24-hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We’re always here!”

Louise Whiting, advanced clinical practitioner 
Yvette Parrott, nurse 


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