Save lives: clean your hands

May 5, 2015 Written by Georgina Pearson

Have you got the moves? Watch our staff dance video and find out how to wash your hands properly

This year, to celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day, we are sharing the message that something as simple as cleaning our hands can have a big impact on the lives of staff, patients and their families. Have a look at our new video which follows the stories of people we know who have been affected by infections due to poor hand hygiene. We’ll be using our new video in our infection prevention and control training for all staff. Watch it here.

“You work very hard with your great care, skills and technology but a very simple procedure, which takes less than a minute, can benefit your patients hugely. If you don’t do it properly it can be very adverse for them so please, please do this.” Lesley

How you can help

Everyone can help stop the spread of infections by cleaning their hands properly at the right times. It is especially important that people who are caring for their own, or someone else’s medical devices or wounds know about good hand hygiene.

You can also download our hand hygiene leaflet for more information.