Supporting our patients at risk of falling

6 Aug 2015 Ruth Cowell

Bristol Community Health is now running strength and balance group classes for patients in Bristol who have fallen, or are at risk of falling.

Led by a senior physiotherapist, our Strength and Balance classes support patients through a 12 week prevention programme involving exercise and education. The courses take place in locations across Bristol, so wherever you live in the city, you will find a programme near you.

The service provides specially tailored group exercises for adults who are at risk of falling, and those who have been referred to our physiotherapy service following a fall. The programme lasts 12 weeks and sessions are delivered by a physiotherapist and physiotherapy assistant, providing expert advice and training to improve strength and balance, and education on how to prevent falls in the home and when you’re out and about.

“My husband was able to watch a match at Wembley with our son and stay the night – something he could never have done before taking part in the programme,” patient feedback

Patients report improved balance and confidence
We’ve been running the programme since March this year and it’s already seen a reduction in falls. Senior physiotherapist Karen Clement hopes this trend will continue. “All of the patients we’ve seen so far have shown an improvement in their balance, and as a result we see their confidence growing week on week. One patient told us ‘It’s like getting your life back,’ and that’s a really common experience we hear from people who use the programme.”

If you have had a fall, or you think you would benefit from the Strength and Balance Exercise Programme, take a look at the Strength and Balance page on our website to find out how to get involved.