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Salma’s story: wellbeing and me

Published on Thu 18th July by Amyholgate

If I don’t stand up for myself, no one will” Feeling low after being diagnosed with a number of health conditions, Salma took control of her health – and ended up feeling happier, too. “It was embarrassing at first,” says Salma, remembering the first time she started work on her Eastville allotment. “We Muslim ladies […]

Martyn’s story: Tackling loneliness

Published on Wed 9th January by Amyholgate

Spiralling debt and crippling loneliness have made life difficult for Martyn in recent years. Here he tells his story and how he has found new contentment through his community. When you can’t get out of the house, you feel well and truly down. Like a prisoner in a cell. I tried to commit suicide three times.” […]

New grant programme gives a boost to local community organisations

Published on Mon 17th September by Amyholgate

We’re excited to announce a new grant programme, which is being led by the Bristol Community Health Staff Council. The programme will give a boost to local voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations. For the first time, we are donating grants of varying sizes to local projects which empower people to better look after […]

Our pledge to the Bristol community

Published on Thu 15th January by Nadia Tavana

We have published our first  Community Pledge. The pledge sets out five promises that Bristol Community Health is making to the people of Bristol, in relation to the social value our work creates. Social value is a way of maximising the impact of public resources. It involves looking at the collective benefits a community can enjoy […]