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Education event for heart failure patients

Published on Sat 20th January by Amyholgate

Patient education event: Finding ways to live better with heart failure. Do you know anyone with heart failure? This is a condition when the heart doesn’t pump strongly enough. It often happens after a heart attack or because of high blood pressure. Unlike some heart conditions, it can’t be cured. So people with heart failure […]

Meet the Heart Buddies

Published on Thu 14th September by Max Hickling

Community Health News grabs five minutes with Annette Tremlin, founder of ‘Heart Buddies’, a peer support group for people diagnosed with heart failure. In 2008, I picked up a virus in Indonesia which badly damaged my heart. Initially I was told it was asthma, but we later found I’d had myocarditis – an inflammation of […]

10 years of great care for heart failure patients

Published on Wed 11th February by Nadia Tavana

At Bristol Community Health, we have a range of excellent services providing great patient care. Last year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our Heart Failure Service. On 4 September, to mark the occasion, our Heart Failure Service hosted afternoon tea at the Holiday Inn, Filton. The event brought together current and former patients of […]

Heart Failure

Published on Thu 5th February by Nadia Tavana

What is this service? The Bristol Community Health Heart Failure Service is a nurse-led heart failure diagnostic service, which has been supporting local communities for a decade. The team is based in Fishponds. Heart failure is a condition which is caused by the heart failing to pump enough blood around the body at the right pressure. […]

The inspirational story of a heart failure patient

Published on Thu 11th September by Nadia Tavana

After being diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, Angela Anstey was already facing weeks of intensive hospital therapy, including chemotherapy. Within weeks, complications were found, and after some tests, Angela was diagnosed with heart failure. “I was already very ill, and to face the diagnosis of heart failure on top of the cancer was […]