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Read our 2018/19 Quality Account

Published on Wed 4th July by Amyholgate

Our final Quality Account for 2018/19 is now available to view here: Quality Account 2018/19.  What is the Quality Account? The Quality Account is an annual document that the Department of Health and Social Care requires from healthcare providers. It reports on quality of care under three key elements: patient safety, patient experience and clinical effectiveness. […]

Read our 2017-18 Quality Account

Published on Wed 5th July by Amyholgate

We have just published our Quality Account 2017-18, which takes a look at the work we’ve done over the last year in our priority areas, including improving the outcomes of patients with sepsis and better supporting patients coming to the end of their life. It also highlights our work in key areas like patient safety, […]

Gathering your ideas for our next Quality Account

Published on Mon 29th February by Emily Cope

A group of patients, carers and voluntary sector representatives came together to share their ideas on what priorities we should be focusing on in 2016/2017. On 19 February, over 20 guests attended an engagement event to hear about the improvements we’ve made in community healthcare. They also voiced their own thoughts and ideas about priority […]

Demonstrating quality in our latest Quality Account

Published on Fri 3rd July by Nadia Tavana

Every year, we pledge to continue to provide high quality patient care to the thousands of patients in Bristol. What is a Quality Account? Our 2014-15 Quality Account outlines developments made within the last financial year in areas of quality, including achievements made against our quality priorities. We have also outlined quality priorities which we […]

You share your thoughts for our next Quality Account

Published on Sun 15th February by Nadia Tavana

Patient and voluntary sector input is integral to our work, especially when we make plans for the future. We recently hosted an event to facilitate discussion around our next quality account. Our event, Prioritising Patients, saw over 30 patients, carers and voluntary sector representatives in attendance to get involved in shaping our quality priorities for […]

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