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Supporting patients through REACT

Published on Tue 28th February by Sam Brown

Our team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists and nurses, the Rapid Emergency Assessment Care Team (REACT), works with emergency staff at the Bristol Royal Infirmary  to support patients to go home instead of being admitted to hospital. By Amy Holgate There is a traffic jam in the bustling corridor of the Emergency Department at the Bristol […]

Meet our REACT In-Reach team

Published on Thu 17th December by Charlotte.titheridge

This issue, we’re shining a spotlight on a service that has recently undergone some big changes. Two teams have combined to create a safer and stronger service for patients. REACT stands for ‘Rapid Emergency Assessment Care Team’ and it aims to prevent people coming to hospital unnecessarily, and also supports patients to get home quickly after a hospital […]

We’re ready for winter

Published on Thu 17th December by Emily Cope

We’ve launched a range of new services to support you as winter approaches. These services will help patients who go into hospital to get home again more quickly, by offering them support and appropriate ongoing healthcare in the community. As winter approaches, we’ve been preparing our services for this inevitably busy time of year. As […]

REACT In-Reach

Published on Fri 13th February by Nadia Tavana

What is this service? The Bristol Community Health REACT (Rapid Assessment Emergency Care Team) In-Reach Teams are based in the emergency departments and related areas of North Bristol Trust and University Hospitals Bristol. The team is made up of nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. To read more about the teams, click here. What does this […]