Thanks to our snow heroes!

7 Mar 2018 Amyholgate

Thank you to our amazing 4×4 volunteers who got us to patients through the snow!

When Bristol ground to a halt during the snow last week, our staff were still able to give some essential care to patients in their homes. It was all thanks to incredibly generous members of the public, staff and their family members, who drove their 4x4s through the wild weather to keep our amazing clinicians on the move.

Thanks to…

Leanne Ford, ANP with the Rapid Response team, and her husband Kevin used one of the 4x4s lent by Jaguar – getting to and from work, travelling to the BRI to deliver urgent bloods, and collecting and dropping off SPA admin from their homes.

St John’s Ambulance also assisted the Rapid Response north team on Friday and Saturday. Without them, many of our patients would not have received the essential visits that they required.

Darren from SARAID community resilience team helped Community Nurses reach patients on Friday. According to the team, he was ‘totally amazing’!

Thanks too to Julie Dovey’s husband and Sally Kinkead’s partner for their expert driving!

There were so many other people helped us keep our services going last week – we’ll be thanking everyone personally. If you have someone in particular that you’d like to thank or any stories to share, please contact us on

From Twitter

@gilded_magpie: So proud of everyone. And of the volunteers who came through with 4X4s. Brilliant people abound!

@katherineabbs: @BrisComHealth outstanding compassion and care at South Bristol Community Hospital Ward 200. Amazing care and support for the whole family during a very difficult time whilst battling adverse conditions to get into work. Many many thanks. #NHS70

@davidpugh25: @BrisComHealth it’s certainly been an interesting day, and I m so so proud of of all our community nursing teams who have walked miles today, ensuring our patients were seen and a huge thanks for all of the support of the 4×4 volunteers who also supported them #proud #amazing.

@jayne72249448: Thanks to John who responded to a call for 4×4 drivers and helped me and colleagues from @BrisComHealth to reach patients today

@juliaclarke_bch: Really well done to all @BrisComHealth staff going above & beyond to keep services running and patients safe today in the snow. You are brilliant and resourceful and can be really proud. Thank you

@AnitaNottingham: Thank you #NHS#POLICE#FIRE#EMERGENCY_SERVICES and all the staff at @BrisComHealth for keeping people safe

@Matthew_A83: A shout out for all our amazing staff , @BrisComHealth nurses, health visitors,therapists going above&beyond to ensure vulnerable people are seen in their homes whatever the weather may bring. u r all incredible&also practice, hospital&mh staff too. I love our NHS. #proud #nhs

Nurses in the snow