The difference our Dermatology service makes – Aiden’s story

December 16, 2015 Written by Charlotte.titheridge

When Emma gave birth 12 days late to her son Aiden, she couldn’t have anticipated the struggles that her little boy would face in the first five months of his life.

Our Dermatology Service met Aiden when he was 19 weeks old, and, in Emma’s words, the service “…made such a difference”.

Dermatology Nurse Julie, with Aiden and his mum
Dermatology Nurse Julie, with Aiden and his mum

“Aiden had suffered from dry, cracked and bleeding skin since he was born, which was probably due to the fact that he was late,”  explains Emma. “I tried so many different creams and lotions to try and soothe his skin, but nothing seemed to work.”

With the added worry of Aiden’s diagnosis of meningitis at just 3 months old, Emma was keener than ever to make her baby as comfortable as possible.

“I was referred to the Bristol Community Health Dermatology Service when Aiden was almost five months old. The appointment was led by Julie, who examined Aiden’s skin, and asked all about his medical history and previously prescribed creams.”

“I explained how so far, nothing had made any difference to his skin, and I wasn’t sure that anything would. However, Julie, who was absolutely fantastic, prescribed a cream that has done so much for Aiden in such a short period of time.”

“Aiden’s skin was very dry and sore, probably made worse by his meningitis,” comments Julie, a Dermatology Nurse at Bristol Community Health. “I diagnosed him with atopic eczema, and prescribed creams that would help. I will continue to monitor him, especially when the antibiotics he has for his meningitis stop.”

After just a week, the prescribed cream from the Dermatology service had already started to clear up Aiden’s skin. “Though it is still sore, Aiden’s skin is so much better.

Aiden’s skin is so much better.

“Julie was so lovely; everything she told me was different to what I had been told before, and her prescription has made such a difference to our lives. She was so taken by Aiden that she got some of the nurses to come and have a little look at him; I was very proud! She has offered another appointment to us that we can have
any-time in the next 12 months in case we need any further advice.

“Aiden has had a tough start to life, and still has check-ups and scans to go through in the next few weeks. But with the help of the service, he is much more comfortable, and is a happier baby.”