We’re the UK’s largest employee-owned healthcare organisation

21 Dec 2018 Sam Brown

Local NHS community health provider Bristol Community Health has been announced as the UK’s largest 100% employee-owned healthcare organisation. The organisation has been ranked by the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) in its new Top 50 report, which ranks UK employee-owned business in size and analyses the sector.

Julia Clarke, Bristol Community Health Chief Executive, said: “As shareholders, our staff are proud to take a leading role in deciding how our organisation reinvests surpluses into services in ways that benefit the community. As we’re a not-for-profit social enterprise, shareholders don’t receive financial dividends, but they find it incredibly empowering to have a real say in the running of the organisation and making big decisions.

“We’re also really excited to be working more closely this year with another community healthcare organisation in the EOA rankings, North Somerset Community Partnership (NSCP). Together, our vision is to deliver quality, joined-up community services for local people by combining the expertise of our employee shareholders.”