Case study – Rebecca Jenner, Community Nurse

Community Nurse - Rebecca Jenner
case study – Community Nurse – Rebecca Jenner

What led you to a career in community healthcare?

I wanted to have a holistic experience of nursing and experience the whole process. I moved from hospital where I loved working but I wanted to know more about the community and understand the process after discharge to enable me to guide and support patients better.

Why do you love working for us?

There are many reasons: I love the training opportunities, the variety and working in a team – I know my hard work is appreciated and rewarded.

Describe your role in a sentence?

Making a difference everyday

What is the best thing about your team?

The support – I know that the team is always there if I need them, to give advice, support and encouragement. The team looks after one another and respect one another. The team becomes like family.

What do your patients say about the work you do?

Patients are always very grateful for what we do and the support we give them. We are always open to constructive feedback to improve our services, so we welcome honest opinions to help us improve as a team and to provide the best quality service that we can. But as far as I’m aware the patients are all very happy with the service we give and look forward to our visits.

What does a typical day in the role look like?

There isn’t really a typical day – every day is different and this is one of the reasons I love my role – every day I’m performing a variety of clinical jobs.

If you want a great opportunity for clinical training, with many backgrounds and environments, community is the place to come.

What inspires you?

To make a difference – we all have our reasons for training in this occupation but I love that I can go home every day and feel that I have done something good for another human being. I also love that I can follow a patient’s journey and visibly see an improvement or be a part of the support system when the going gets tough for them – it’s enough to inspire anyone to continue.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to be a manager of some sort; I like the idea of becoming a community matron or nurse practitioner, continuing with my clinical skills but taking on more responsibility. I plan on completing a master’s degree, which I have already started and maybe eventually completing a doctorate.