How we are sustainable

As the largest community healthcare provider in Bristol, we have a real responsibility to become more sustainable in everything we do. You can find out more about this in our Community Pledge and impact report here.

Green transport

One of the ways we are doing this is through the use of shared use hybrid cars and electric bikes.

“I love the electric bike. It has given me the confidence to get back into the saddle and go for it!”

One of our Rapid Emergency Assessment Care Team (REACT) nurses, Julia Walker, has been using the electric bike and loves it. “I love the electric bike. It has given me the confidence to get back into the saddle and go for it. The hills were generally what put me off riding a normal bike to work, but now it is a breeze. Yes I still peddle hard, but I have the joy of ‘assisted technology’ to whoosh me up the hills. Since having the bike I have just clocked up over 1000km (over 620 miles) probably saving myself about £150 in fuel costs! I certainly recommend that everybody gives the electric bike a go!”

Mobile working

Our investment into mobile working has also meant we are reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to Bristol being a greener city.

“Mobile working allows us to update in real-time, while we are in patients’ homes, which saves us a huge amount of time because we don’t have to go back to the office to update the notes,” Katie King, community nurse.

“One benefit of mobile working is an environmental one; the technology is supporting staff to be out in the field and it is actually reducing the number of return visits back to the base which is improving our carbon footprint as an organisation,” explains Jo Hudson, Deputy Director of Operations.

Encouraging recycling in offices and bases

We work to ensure that all our bases have the facility to easily recycle used materials in order to improve our carbon footprint. In our head office, we ensure that we do small things like turn off our computers when they are not in use which collectively can lead to a big impact.