Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal Outpatient Service)

What is the Physiotherapy Service?

Our physiotherapy service provides assessment and treatment in person, or over the phone

We can help people who have difficulty with their day-to- day living due to pain or problems with movement. We also treat people who have suffered an injury, or have had an orthopaedic operation.

You might hear us also being called the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Team or MSK for short.

We also work in close liaison with other organisations for example, we are able to refer you to the physiotherapy department at the University Hospitals Bristol for hydrotherapy or to their larger gym for the later stages of rehabilitation.

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patient and physiotherapist

Our professional standards

We are a professional, friendly and caring team that have, on average, over ten years physiotherapy experience.  We all have to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council to be able to call ourselves physiotherapists so you can rest assured, that you will be seen by physiotherapists who are highly qualified and who must maintain and keep up to date with their professional development.

It is compulsory for physiotherapy staff to attend regular training as well as one to one supervision.  All of our clinicians are qualified physiotherapists and we also have a physiotherapy assistant who is a qualified personal trainer.  Some of our physiotherapists have completed or are currently studying for Master’s degrees in Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

All Bristol Community Health staff must undertake core training to ensure that we meet health and safety standards and have the safest environment possible for our patients.

Meet the team!

a group of physiotherapists

What do patients say about this service?

‘’Before I started I could hardly walk now I’m 90% and still improving.’’

‘’I was suffering such pain at the beginning of the year that I was becoming quite depressed and was thinking of giving up work because I was finding life so difficult. At each session I could report a decrease in pain and an increase in flexibility, and you were very encouraging and supportive. I feel so much more optimistic about the future, and motivated to continue to strive for more improvement. I will now stay at work until my official retirement date next year.’’

‘’My physiotherapist treated me with extreme kindness and understanding of my pain due to severe arthritis of my hip. I feel the exercises helped.’’

“I never imagined in my life that I would be able to participate and complete such a challenge especially with my knees.” – Yogananth Ganesan, who recently completed the Cotswold Way Challenge.

How can I access this service?

If you are an adult living in South Bristol, some areas of North Bristol, Inner or East Bristol you can access the physiotherapy service, via a referral from your GP or hospital consultant.

Our waiting lists are between 8-12 weeks for a face to face appointment but much quicker for a telephone assessment.

I am a clinician that wants to refer into this service.

All referral forms are available to download on the left of this page.

The MSK SPA referral form can be used to refer into the MATS and Spinal Service, Physiotherapy (MSK Outpatients Service) and Podiatry Service.

Please note that there is a separate referral form for patients being referred into the Podiatry/Urgent High Risk Service.

Where this service is located?

The MSK Physiotherapy central admin team are based at Hampton House Health Centre on 0117 330 2659 or and are able to help with all MSK Physiotherapy out-patient enquiries.

Please see map below.


BS4 1WH, United Kingdom

Knowle West Health Park (open Monday -Friday)

BS6 6AU, United Kingdom

Hampton House Health Centre (open Monday - Friday)

Bristol BS4 4HU, United Kingdom

Brooklea Health Centre (open Tuesdays and Thursdays)

BS5 0UA, United Kingdom

Charlotte Keel Health Centre (open Monday - Friday)

Bristol BS13 0JP, United Kingdom

Hartcliffe Health Centre (open Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Bristol BS4 2UH, United Kingdom

Knowle Clinic (open Tuesdays and Thursdays)

BS4 1WH, United Kingdom

William Budd Health Centre (open Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Air Balloon Surgery, Bristol, United Kingdom

Air Balloon Surgery

Lodgeside Surgery, Lodgeside Avenue, Bristol, United Kingdom

Lodgeside Surgery