How we are improving your health services

Whilst it is important for us to gather as much as your feedback as possible, we understand that it is even more important that we act on it. Your comments from our surveys, focus groups, and from Healthwatch Bristol are integral when we are looking at making service improvements, whether these are looking into our appointment times, or simply installing a sign for reception. We want to ensure that we are using your feedback to improve your health services.

Changes we have made to our services, thanks to your feedback

All your feedback is looked into by services themselves as well as management teams in order to ensure everything is considered. If you are interested in seeing what your feedback has already achieved, take a look at our latest case studies on the following services:

Urgent Care Centre have improved and increased press release coverage of their service and what services they provide.

HMP Ashfield have increased their patients’ understanding of decision making in their health, accessing services and collecting medicines.

Physiotherapy  have improved the way they communicate with patients.

Podiatry have ensured patients feel more involved in decision about their healthcare, as well as increased their understanding of their condition do they can manage their condition.

Patients fed back that the forms for our Continuing Healthcare Service were too lengthy and difficult to complete with the information provided to them. Since this feedback the team have created patient information to support patients with the processes within continuing healthcare.

focus group participants_large
Focus group participants

Want to understand more about our forward planning in patient and public empowerment? Read our Patient and Public Empowerment strategy and review, plus information about our patient charter and equality and diversity – find out more here.