Getting the most out of your health appointment

14 Mar 2019 Written by amyholgate

You manage your own health 24/7, but you might only see a healthcare professional a few times a year. Make every minute count, says Claire Valsler

  • Bring some notes with you to help you remember the things you want to discuss. List the symptoms you are concerned about, in order of importance. Think about whether you need to book a separate appointment to cover everything.
  • Keep a┬ádaily diary tracking symptoms, including when they started, how they affect your life, and what makes them better or worse. Be specific. Track what effect medications have. Bring your diary along with you, along with a list of current medications.
  • Consider any extra support you might need at your appointment. Do you need to book an interpreter, or have any other communication support? Would it help to bring someone else with you?

Claire has several long-term conditions and
has become an expert at managing her own health. Have a look at our film at to hear her story.

Claire Valsler
Claire Valsler