Get moving – and stay moving!

20 Dec 2018 Written by amyholgate

Been given some physio exercises to help you recover from an injury? Physiotherapist Georgie Davin has a few tips

No time like the present
Don’t put it off. Start small. Your sense of achievement might motivate you to continue.

Your physio is on your side
If you can’t seem to make time for your exercises, just tell your physiotherapist. Be honest. They can help you set some realistic goals that suit your lifestyle and frame of mind.

And about those goals
Break them down into manageable chunks. For example, if you want to walk more comfortably on your injured knee within two months, then start with just a few regular repetitions. Build up to more repetitions or extend the exercise.

Don’t overdo it…
Better to do a little every day than blitz it on one day and then do nothing for a while. Our bodies prefer consistency to surprises.

…but do challenge yourself
Don’t make it too easy for yourself. You should be working towards a goal that stretches you. You can do more than you think you can.

Reward yourself
Whenever you make some progress, do something that you know will give you a boost. And don’t beat yourself up if you go off track. Get back on the horse!

Exercise with someone else
It’s harder to back out if someone’s expecting you to join them. If you already go to an exercise class, incorporate your exercises in your warm-up at the beginning or cool-down at the end.

Build them into the everyday
Add them onto regular daily tasks, like a quick stretch after you’ve been to the toilet or some back movements in the car when you’re stuck at a red light.

Don’t be scared of soreness
Often when you start your exercises, you’ll get some muscle soreness. It’s usually completely normal. If you haven’t seen a physio already, check in with a health professional to make sure everything is ok. Then start again gradually.

Have faith
Evidence shows that if you do these exercises, little and often, you will gain strength. It really does work!


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