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Thinking of joining us?

You can find out more about what it’s like to work for us by reading case studies from some of our employees:

Healthcare Assistant case study: Clare Denham
“I wanted to give something back to the community: Bristol Community Health helps improve the health and wellbeing of local people, providing over 35 different services. The career progression and extensive training programmes available to me also attracted me.”

Rotational Nurse programme case study: Nicole Nelson
“I like the idea of working for a social enterprise and a non-profit organisation. Bristol Community Health is very pro training and encourages their staff to grow and succeed.”

Return to Practice case study:
Esther Lawton, Registered Community Nurse

“I wanted to go back to community nursing because it suits my skills and working style. Bristol Community Health is the leading provider of community nursing in Bristol and has a sound reputation for the delivery of clinical care – that’s why I choose to work here.”

Climbing the ladder case study:
Anna Brockwell – from Business Apprenticeship to Physiotherapy Service Administrator

“I wanted to work for Bristol Community Health because of the opportunities that the organisation provides for people at the start of their career.”

Bank Administrator case study: Gordon Howells, Bank Administrator                                                                                                                   “When I first joined Bristol Community Health I was, of course, aware of them, but I didn’t at that time realise how widespread their involvement in the health service in Bristol was.  It was enlightening, as an employee, to expand on that awareness.  I see them, from a purely personal point of view, as an organisation that looks after it’s staff”.

You might also want to read these ‘day in the life’ articles which give an overview of some of the different roles that our clinicians perform:

A day in the life of Urgent Care Centre nurse Michelle Whittle

A day in the life of healthcare assistant Nicky Stiles 

A day in the life of respiratory physiotherapist Laura Turner

A week in the life of podiatrist Claire Kennedy 

A day in the life of prison nurse Florianne Menager

A night in the life of an out of hours nurse