Our publications

We regularly produce a number of key organisational documents which are of importance to the whole staff team as well as external stakeholders.

Evidencing our social impact


Read how we have made a difference to our communities in our Impact Report 2016 and download our 5 Year Impact Infographic.

You can also read about intentions in this area through Benefitting Bristol – Our Community Pledge.

Our Quality Accounts

Quality Account 2017-18

Quality Account 2016-17

Our Quality and Patient Safety Strategy

Download our Quality and Patient Safety Strategy 2016-2021

Our Patient and Public Empowerment Strategy

Our Patient and Public Empowerment Strategy ‘Your Healthcare, Your Way’, sets out our plans for empowering patients and shifting their role so they become active participants in shaping healthcare. You can read the executive summary here. This is also available in an easy read version.

We have also published our 2016 Patient and Public Empowerment Review .

Our Patient Charter

Our Patient Charter outlines our pledges to patients to ensure we deliver person-centred care. Our charter demonstrates how we are committed to making patients’ day, and continuing to work with them to deliver the highest quality healthcare possible. Our charter has been co-produced by patients.

Our Equality and Diversity Strategy

Our  Equality and Diversity Strategy ‘Valuing All,’  covers the key priority objectives we will be focusing on over the next two years. These are:

  1. To improve data collection in relation to patients and staff across the nine protected characteristics, enabling us to actively and effectively monitor, identify and take action on any trends or issues
  2. To build on our knowledge of Bristol’s communities and further encourage their trust and confidence in Bristol Community Health through improved access to information and services and effective communication and engagement

  3. To improve the extent to which our workforce represents our communities and to identify and address barriers to achieving this
  4. To ensure that staff are empowered, engaged and well supported to achieve objectives 1 to 3.

Our Business Plan

Read Delivering for our Communities: Our Business Plan 2016-17

Our Financial Accounts

Download our Financial accounts 2015.
Download our Financial accounts 2014.
Download our Financial account 2013.
Download our Financial account 2012.