Demonstrating quality in our latest Quality Account

July 3, 2015 Written by Nadia Tavana

Every year, we pledge to continue to provide high quality patient care to the thousands of patients in Bristol.

What is a Quality Account?
Our 2014-15 Quality Account outlines developments made within the last financial year in areas of quality, including achievements made against our quality priorities. We have also outlined quality priorities which we will be focusing on for the next year.

“The quality of patient care is our top priority and this is amply demonstrated in the range of quality improvements we delivered last year and will deliver next year, which will make a real difference to patients,” Julia Clarke, CEO

Producing a Quality Account is a requirement from NHS England, and is due for publishing each year by 30 June. We have produced this year’s account with you in mind, and we hope that you find the information accessible and interesting.

Why the Quality Account is important
As a patient, the Quality Account tells you how we have performed in providing quality care over the past year. It explains the quality areas we have focused on, and what we will be prioritising over the next year. It is created and written with you in mind, so do take the time to have a read through and let us know what you think.

Download our quality account and let us know what you think.

I have been sent this document and found it very interesting. Overall I found it a very informative and fairly easy to read document.” Patient

If you have any questions, or require the document in a different format, please email us at