Diabetes and Nutrition Service

What is the Diabetes and Nutrition Service?

Our Diabetes and Nutrition Service (DANS) provides education, information and support on diabetes and nutrition to patients, carers and healthcare professionals in the Bristol.

The service consists of Dietitians, Diabetes Specialist Nurses and an Administration Team and is a one stop shop for education and advice for diabetes.

If you are a patient, this service can help you to take control of your condition and support you to make good choices for a healthy life. We also provide training courses for GPs and healthcare professionals, as well as clinical support to GP practices.

What does the Diabetes and Nutrition Service offer?


All of our DANS services are available across the whole city, for any patient registered with a Bristol GP practice, who meets the referral criteria:

  • Diabetes structured education courses and sessions for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Community clinics across Bristol for diabetes support
  • Community clinics across Bristol for patients requiring non – diabetes related dietetic and nutritional support as defined by the referral criteria
  • Domiciliary visits as per referral and access criteria.

Services available for Health Care Professionals:

  • Education/training days for health care professionals
  • Advice and guidance for health care professionals via telephone or email
  • Joint working in practices to support up skilling of primary care clinicians
  • Virtual clinics in GP practices
  • Skill builder sessions at GP practices – onsite clinical updates/ education sessions as agreed with individual GP practices.
  • Provision and supply of type 2 diabetes information packs (Purple Pack) with diabetes care plan.

1. Diabetes education

We provide a range of free education courses around Bristol for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, to support you to understand more about your condition and how to manage it. Read more about our current diabetes education courses and how to access them. 

We also run a drop in clinic with translators for patients with diabetes on the first Thursday of each month, 9am- 12noon, at Charlotte Keel Health Centre and the third Friday of every month, 10am-12noon at  Hengrove Leisure Centre. 

We have a wide range of patient information and resources available on this website, such as leaflets and video clips and packs, including resources translated into a variety of languages, The helpful documents section has a range of patient information and resources such as leaflets to help self-manage your condition.

People who are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes should receive a copy of a Diabetes Information Pack (a purple coloured folder), along with a Diabetes Care Plan via their GP Surgery at the point of diagnosis, or shortly after.

To deliver our diabetes education service, we work in close partnership with other local health and social care services and with local voluntary groups, particularly Diabetes UK.


2. Our Clinical Team

Our clinical team of Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Dietitians carry a small caseload of local people with diabetes following referral by their GP who require short term intensive support and education from the team.

They also run structured group education session’s as well as provide study days, conferences and advice & support for local Healthcare Professionals.

 Our Dietitians also provide nutritional advice to people who have non-diabetes conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and malnutrition & nutritional deficiencies following referral from their GP.

We have a range of information on how to manage unintentional weight loss, poor appetite and malnutrition, as well as comprehensive information on Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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What is the Diabetes and Nutrition Service for and how can I access it?

The Diabetes and Nutrition Service accepts referrals from any healthcare professional for Diabetes education courses, self-referral for the Diabetes education courses can be considered. Please telephone the number above to discuss your self-referral.

To access the community clinics, referrals will need to be made by your GP or Lead Clinician.

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