What we do

We’re the leading provider for community healthcare in Bristol, with over 40 different services, ranging from community nursing teams and end of life care to prison healthcare, school nursing, health visiting, diabetes support and physiotherapy.

two nurses with tablets

Our impact

Our clinicians make 35,000 adult healthcare ‘contacts’ every month and treat a third of Bristol’s over 65s. Over the last year, we’ve prevented at least 4000 adults from being admitted into acute care, and supported over 3200 to come home from hospital early. Our children’s community health service also makes over 1500 patient contacts every month.

Most of our services are provided in the community or in the home, helping people to live life well in the comfort of their own surroundings. By doing this, we also help prevent hospital admissions.

Because we’re a social enterprise we can be more flexible in our approach. We also welcome innovation which helps us to deliver better care – for example, all of our community nurses use mobile working, which reduces bureaucracy and frees up time to care.

Our work makes a positive social impact in the city of Bristol, and we’re committed to making a difference to our community over the long term. You can read more about this in our Impact Report 2016 and Benefitting Bristol – Our Community Pledge. You can also download our 5 Year Impact Infographic.

Our business plan

We aim to deliver excellent care and to build a successful organisation.  Delivering for our Communities: Our Business Plan 2016-17 explains how we will work over the next year, in line with our organisational strategy, to enhance and extend the services we provide, and continuously improve our patients’ experiences. The Plan has four strategic themes:

  1. Being the best – Recruit and retain high quality individuals.
  2. Time to care – Improved productivity through technology and streamlining.
  3. Managing our money – Build success and manage sustainability financially.
  4. Making their day – Ensure best practice and positive outcomes for the patient

Our financial accounts

Download our Financial accounts 2014.
Download our Financial account 2013.
Download our Financial account 2012.