Gathering your ideas for our next Quality Account

29 Feb 2016 Emily Cope

A group of patients, carers and voluntary sector representatives came together to share their ideas on what priorities we should be focusing on in 2016/2017.

On 19 February, over 20 guests attended an engagement event to hear about the improvements we’ve made in community healthcare. They also voiced their own thoughts and ideas about priority and budget setting for the future. Each year we prioritise different initiatives and ideas to enable us to keep delivering excellent patient care within the community.  We consult with patients to ensure that our priorities reflect theirs.

Group of people in discussion

What is a Quality Account?

Quality Accounts are an important way for local NHS services to report on quality and show improvements in the services they deliver to local communities and stakeholders.


The afternoon was filled with lively discussion during which our attendees voted for the ideas which meant most to them.

We are currently working hard to effectively weave all these ideas into our own priority and budget planning for this year. This crucial feedback will help inform the priorities we publish in our Quality Account. The next account will be available to you on the 30 June.

Group of people in discussion


“Good to meet with others – a mix of staff and patients”

“Voting is a great idea!”

“I enjoyed being able to discuss my thoughts”

Feedback from delegates





Matthew Areskog, our Patient and Public Empowerment lead said, “We are delighted that so many members of our participation community joined us to share their ideas and thoughts with us. We heard some fantastic suggestions for priority areas as well as new ways of working collaboratively with patients, carers and the voluntary sector.”

Two people at an event


We would like to thank everyone who came along to the event. For more information or if you would like to get involved in future events, please contact the Patient and Public Empowerment Team on 0117 440 9180 or email